Hi, I'm

Richard Pastenes

I'm a Senior Front-End Developer (AKA I build web apps).

How an awesome web developer looks like :)

About Me

And the tech I use

Hi, my name is Richard Pastenes. I've been obsessed with figuring out how things work from a young age. From tinkering with my toys to getting in trouble for taking apart (and putting back together) pretty much every electronic in my childhood home, I was driven to pursue the analytical, yet creative, field of Front-End Software Developer.

During my years in college, while getting my BA in Electronic Engineering, I discovered that besides an analytical side I also have a creative one, furthermore, I felt the need to explore it! So I started with photography and reading books about graphic design. With time I realized the perfect way to combine my creative side with my love for technology was to create web apps!

I'm currently part of the Velir team, where I'm building and improving modern web apps for high-profile clients.

A few technologies I'm familiar with:

  • ACF
  • Alpine.js
  • CSS
  • ES6
  • Framer Motion
  • Gatsby
  • Gitflow
  • GraphQL
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Netlify
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • React
  • SASS
  • Sanity.io
  • TailwindCSS
  • Timber
  • TypeScript
  • WPGraphQL
  • Web Components
  • WordPres


Some thigs I've built

Headless WordPress Podcast Site

This podcast site started as a Gatsby + Netlify CMS single-page project but the client's CMS requirements called for a familiar yet robust CMS back-end. The obvious solution was to re-use the existing Gatsby front-end, sourcing the data from a WordPress instance, using ACF Flexible Content to manage blocks, and hosting it in Gatsby Cloud to leverage the impressive almost-instant Gatsby previews.

  • WordPress
  • React
  • Gatsby
  • ACF
  • WPGraphQL
Built by Richard Pastenes